Overcoming the Cold in Gloves, Scarves, and Accessories

The British weather has very much taken a turn for the worse over the Christmas period and as we are now moving on from the festive break, the nostalgia of snow has worn off and every venture into work is a bitterly cold one requiring many thermal layers to keep us in a buoyant mood for our daily lives.Waking each morning has become a chore in the knowledge that I will have to de-ice my car, wiping all the snow off with my hands in the process. Not too much of an issue when wearing gloves, yet the gloves I own at present are cotton and soon become wet and surplus to requirements.The drive into work is equally as cold, with my car baring resemblance to a fridge freezer, yet with heater on full and wrapped up in winter accessories I feel I am beating the system and that the cold is not overcoming me. Well, that may be an exaggeration, as the temperature has been at freezing point of late. It is important that our warmth is reserved throughout the winter months, so I’ve assembled a clothing checklist to ensure that your wardrobe has the essential items to tackle the big freeze.1. Leather Gloves – Leather gloves are first on the checklist as they are not necessarily a compulsory accessory. We all have gloves yet probably don’t have leather gloves in our accessory box. Price probably and big factor in this, yet, if you want a pair of gloves that offer comfort and warmth, then leather gloves are stylish in both men’s and ladies design and can be worn with a variety of outfits.2. Scarf – Get yourself a thick cotton scarf, preferably with many colours of the rainbow striped across it. The scarves look smart and offer a great amount of warmth so should be considered a must.3. Thick thermal hoodie – I am fortunate that I can pick and choose what I wear into work, whereas
many will be suited and booted. Yet for work or for casual, hook yourself up with a thermal lined hoodie. An absolute godsend4. Rugby Socks – we all got socks for Christmas right? Yet I got multiple pairs of colourful striped rugby socks that I have worn each day since, and I must say, once they have been pulled up, they are so comfortable and keep my legs warm in the cold. They have been a great acquisition to my sock drawer.5. My final must have fashion accessory that will aid warmth and comfort when outside in the cold and unforgiving British winter is… a base layer! We’ve all seen the sports stars wearing base layers underneath their replica shirts, but, have you ever thought about wearing them? If you are wearing a suit, then a white base layer would be ideal to go under a shirt. When it cold, a base layers main feature is that it offers a unique double sided thermal fabric construction that is resilient to cold temperatures and “wicks” moisture away from the skin to help circulate body heat and maintain “Core” body temperature.The list above may have been expected, with the exception of a base layer been worn to work, but they all would make a big difference with how you feel in the cold. Here’s to hope that warmer weather is around the corner.

How To Enjoy The Beauty Of Jewelry By Using Inexpensive Costume Jewelry

Today’s jewelry is so vast in variety that a person can find almost any type of jewelry they can imagine. There are many types of materials used today to make jewelry, gone are the days of silver and gold being the only options in beautiful accessories.Although gold, silver, and diamonds remain to be the most expensive and beautiful jewelry, many people are opting to try different less expensive materials. The beauty remains the same as more expensive jewelry making it easy to find many pieces of jewelry in your price range.Materials such as beads and hemp have become increasingly popular materials used for making jewelry. Other countries have known this for many centuries and the United States have finally recognized the beauty of handmade hemp and beaded jewelry.Younger generations tend to wear more flashy jewelry than more mature adults. Adding a variety of jewels and chains to wear at once is the popular dress code as far as jewelry goes for younger people. As jewelry became less expensive by changing the materials to make it, more teenagers were able to afford buying it. Bangle type bracelets and flashy dangling earrings are also popular among the younger generation. With a style that is hard to imitate teenagers tend to wear more jewelry today then even twenty or so years ago.Adults tend to stick to wearing more simple conservative jewelry than the flashy jewelry popular among teens. Men and women alike enjoy the variety found in jewelry today. Men generally wear simple chain necklaces and bracelets. Rings men wear are simple and are mostly wedding bands. Watches are another popular kind of jewelry among men, from gold and silver to leather strapped.Women are more creative when it comes to jewelry. A woman tends to know which type of jewelry will help her to look close to her age, though in some ways can be similar to teens jewelry. With more materials like platinum and aluminum women have many choice when they shop for jewelry.A trend popular lately is to make your own jewelry. With a few tools and any type of material you prefer a person can make quality necklaces and bracelets. Jewel like beads are especially popular for adult women learning to make their own jewelry. Wearing a piece of handmade jewelry can bring a stunning effect to any outfit.The best part of the newer materials of jewelry that is less expensive is the fact that the metals or colors do not turn your skin colors. The old kind of jewelry would change colors, as jewelry got older, often times leaving colored marks on your skin unless it was real. Most people are happy that the costume jewelry doesn’t have to cost a lot to be beautiful.