3 Easy But Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Beloved Silver Jewelry

When we talk about jewelry, every girl will have her own beloved jewelry. Some girls may prefer the luxurious diamond jewelry while others may like the simple but comely silver jewelry very much. For those silver jewelry lovers, besides to enjoy the beauty brought by these elegant ornaments, there is one more thing they will worry about- the maintenance job. If you are one of these lovers and have no knowledge about the maintenance, the following article will provide some easy but helpful tips to you.1. How to keep its “new” all the time?When you have some silver jewelry, you will find that it will look dim after you wear it for a period of time. You may wonder how we can keep its “new” all the time. Here one little tip can help us. After you bought some silver jewelry, you can smear a thin layer of transparent nail polish on its surface which can isolate the jewelry from the air and prevent the discoloration. In this way, your beloved jewelry can shinny all the time. For better effect, you should repeat this step every 10 days. If you want to remove the nail polish, soak the jewelry in the banana water and rinse it with clean water.2. If my silver jewelry has turned lackluster, what should I do?People who have silver jewelry may have this experience: after a period of time without wearing, one day you take it out from your jewelry box and find that it becomes black and lost luster. In this case, you need to clean and polish it. If the situation is not so serious, you can do the cleaning job by yourself at home. Toothpaste is one of the simple and available tools in everyone’s home. You can scrub the jewelry with the toothpaste and rinse it with clean water. Or you can prepare one piece of silver cleaning cloth at home. Such cloth can polish the silver easily but it can be used to clean the smooth silver with certain hardness. To clean the soft necklace or hollow carved silver jewelry, you can use the silver cleaning liquid.3. Some notes about silver maintenance.During the daily wearing, there are some notes you should pay attention to. Do not wear silver jewelry together with other metal jewelry to avoid the deformation or scratches caused by collision. Take off your silver jewelry and keep it dry when you want to have swim. Clean the jewelry with cotton swab or tissue paper to remove water and dirt on the surface timely after each time of wearing. When you do not wear it, put it in the sealed bag to avoid contact with air.Although the silver jewelry is not as precious as the diamond or gold or gemstone jewelry, but every piece of jewelry in our hands has its own special meaning for us. For more tips or advice on jewelry maintenance, you can have look at Get.cn review.